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Visual Basic » Adobe Reader v9
Posted By Guido on 17 November 2008
Have you found that when adobe reader 9 tries to install it uninstalls preivious versions. Good you might say as it used to install a fresh version, so if you have version 4 when 5 came out it would leave 4 and create a folder with version 5 and thus hogging your hard drive. Well done to Adobe.
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Visual Basic » Remote Administration Tool PART2
Posted By Guido on 24 March 2006
This is the second part of the Remote Administration Tool series. In the last part we’ve discussed about communicating between two systems on a network using winsock component. In this section we will be seeing about how to do some miscellaneous operations on the remote system. This section deals a bit with Windows API functions and the same winsock component. This section is also intended for beginners and from the next part we will be dealing with opening FTP/TELNET ports on the remote system. Let’s now get back to the coding part.
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Visual Basic » Remote Administration Tool PART 1
Posted By Guido on 24 March 2006
This article discusses about programming a remote administration utility using Winsock component in Visual Basic 6. This is the first part of this series and it is for newbies. This section helps you to build an utility to send messages from client to the server. In the coming sections we will be discussing about programming advanced features(to the server like making it a FTP server or Telnet server etc…) to make it a perfect remote administration tool.
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