Server on Windows XP Home Ed

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Posted By Guido on 24 March 2006
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Server on Windows XP Home Ed

It has come to light that Windows XP Home Edition does not support PWS (personal web server) or IIS (internet information server) both are used to test apps written in ASP or ASP.Net. You might say hang on I have the iis.dll (this is the main part of IIS) on my machine. Have a good look! It's been crippled and stops you from installing the software!
OK what do I do? Well you have a couple of options open to you if you have copy of Windows 98 that has the PWS on it you might be able to install that from the CD but don't count on it. Windows ME users had the same problem with PWS not being shipped with that version of windows. There is a work around but still not good enough! Download the newest version of PWS from
  Yes, it's NT 4.0 Option Pack, but it includes the version of PWS for Win95 which can be used on WinMe.If you want to know how to install on WinME have a look at This fix may work for Windows XP Home Edition. I don't though!

OK, you want IIS. If you have a copy of Windows 2000 that ships with IIS so here is the work around. Before we start back-up your hard drive or important data be aware that implementing this is done at YOUR OWN RISK! since you have to alter files.

  1. Open sysoc.inf use find file to locate, should be in c:\windows\inf\ find the line that says [Components] Change iis=iis.dll,0cEntry,iis.inf,hide,7 to iis=iis2.dll,0cEntry,iis2.inf,,7
    With the Windows 2000 in your disk drive go to Start > Run type the following
    expand d:/i386/iis.dl_ c:/temp/iis2.dll
    change d to the drive letter of your CD drive. You could try to delete iis.dll but system knows and puts it back so using a different name solves the problem.
  2. Open your temp folder on your hard drive drag & drop the new file iis2.dll to c:\windows\system32\setup folder also find in the temp folder iis2.inf drag & drop this file to c:\windows\inf  OK your nearly there. Go to control panel and click on add/remove programs, select add/remove windows components. In the list of windows components you should see IIS. Nearly done. If at any time your asked for files they should be either on your XP or Win2000 CD somewhere! You can use Find to locate them.
  3. Once the installation has been done go back to the control panel Start > control panel in classic view double click on Administration Tools. WOW you should now have IIS as one of the options.

Microsoft say that Windows XP Home Edition does not include or support any versions (1.0, 2.0, 4.0) of Microsoft Personal Web Server (PWS). Users that need Web server functionality in a desktop operating system should use Windows XP Professional. Why?



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