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Stop e-mail spiders

Category »  ASP
Posted By Guido on 24 March 2006
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Stop e-mail spiders

Do you have a web site? Well are you sick of junk mail? I know I am.
E-mail spiders trawl the web in search of e-mail addresses that it finds in web pages this script below helps to reduce the chance of the spider getting hold of your e-mail address.
Basically the script uses varialbles which you define. You do not have to have as many variables or you could have more should you wish.You should be able to see that the variables name, subdom etc hold your information or parts of your e-mail address. If you don't want so many parts just delete a line eg id="" and in the document.write statement delete "+id+" if you need to add more info simple just put it on a new line after id="" don't forget to add it to the write statement as well.

You can look at the code here it will bring up a text file save this to your hd and then use it in your web pages after you have changed the bits that need to be it will just display  text2 thats just an example. To save the page go to File then save as. This will then allow you to view the code.


You need to save this page and look at the source code since the way that the articles are stored some of the details are in the html of the page but it's really easy to implement. Look at the source code for< !--e-mailspider_START-->< !--e-mailspider_END--> Thats the important part of the source just copy and paste then play around.
Have fun Guido

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