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Five windows quick tips

Category »  Windows Tips
Posted By Guido on 01 April 2006
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Five windows quick tips

I have had many problems booting windows sometimes with programs bringing up the dreaded "This Program Has Preformed An Illegal Operation" box, just before desktop appears. I found that by keeping the ctrl button depressed during the boot pic of Windows 98 and on through to when desktop starts loading, it by-passes these problems and I can then access windows to sort out the programs again

In Internet Explorer, rather than typing out a address in the address bar, if you type, for example, "Microsoft" (without quotes) and then hit Ctrl and Enter, the address is automatically converted to.

If you visit a web site and want to print out only a portion of the page simply drag your mouse across to highlight both the text and images you wish. Then in the File>Print menu, check the "Print Section" option and hey presto!

If you have a case of the floppy disc drive grinding, like its trying to read a disc when there is not one in the drive, every time you boot up - then try cleaning your Start / Documents list using the Start / Taskbar and Start Menu / Advanced "clear" button. It worked for me and others who have been driven nuts by it.

If you use a PC and have a scroll button on your mouse you can instantly change text size when looking at a web page - very handy if you are squinting at tiny typing or want to fit more text on screen. Simply hold down the ctrl key while rolling the scroll button.  

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