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IE Tools items missing

Category »  Windows Tips
Posted By Guido on 31 May 2006
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IE Tools items missing.

I opened IE and noticed that there were blank items in my tools menu. My god I thought I had been attacked by some muttant ,virus or spyware hack.  I ran my anti virus software, MS Defender, Lavasoft, Hijackthis and anything else I thought might help.

What it was was the group policy had changed somehow! To sort this out is not too hard, it does mean getting your hands dirty by tinkering with some bits heres what I did

Click on start from the menu click on RUN type in 'GPEDIT.MSC'  without the quote marks then

Click in order 

  • Computer Configuration
  • Administritive Templates
  • Windows Components
  • Internet Explorer
  • Double click the setting Turn off pop up management and set it to Not Configured  see if that works if not try the other two enabled or disabled one of the three should work I found enabled worked for me. Remember your stituation may be slightly different so this may or may not work. Just remember what you did.

If IE is open close and re open up ie that should have done the trick

It is possible that the registry may need tweeking but you might want to look elsewhere as I hate regedit




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