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WinXPDisableZeroConfigation.exe or WinXPDisableZeroConfigation

Category »  Windows Tips
Posted By Guido on 22 July 2006
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WinXPDisableZeroConfigation.exe or WinXPDisableZeroConfigation

Well that's a long process name! Having just upgraded my network to a 11g network I found that my computers CPU usage was up from around the 3% mark it was now using about 55% some other people have reported much more cpu use than that!. What the heck was going on! I did the ctrl + alt + delete to bring up task manager scrolled down the list there was WinXPDisableZeroConfigation.exe hogging the CPU. I did a quick search on the internet some folk think its a trojan, spyware, adware. What I did find was its installed by the belkin software for the router or wireless card. It comes from software XpDis0Conf belonging to XPDisable0Conf. The file WinXPDisableZeroConfigation.exe can be found C:Program FilesBelkinBelkin 54Mbps Wireless UtilityTOOL if you accepted the default values when installing the belkin software. What I do based on info gained elsewhere is boot up and let WinXPDisableZeroConfigation run once your computer is up and running use task manager ( ctrl + alt + delete ) to end the process. I have not found any problems as yet.

To stop WinXPDisableZeroConfigation.exe from running at startup follow the instructions below. To do this you need to be an Administrator on the machine in question. Please read this first before you start. If this sounds too much for you use the above method using ctrl + alt + delete to end the process.


  • Click start, run
  • In the run box type msconfig and then click ok.
  • Click on the startup tab, should be the last tab on the right Uncheck winxpdisablezeroconfig.exe
  • Then click apply and then OK, reboot computer.
  • Reboot computer.

Using the process above will stop this process from running and should not cause any other problems." Having myself just done the above but without the reboot. All seemed OK. However I have just done a reboot. Once windows loads it gives a message saying You have used the System Configuration Utility to make changes to the way Windows starts. Etc Etc..... Basically put a tick in the tick box and the message will not show again unless you use the System Configuration Utility again for some reason. This is important. Some sypware malware hide up as WinXPDisableZeroConfigation.exe, the real size of WinXPDisableZeroConfigation is 32768 bytes To remove uninstall the Belkin utility and let Windows manage the wireless configuration don't uninstall the drivers for your card. Just let Windows XP do it stuff and you should be OK. Now you have read this read it again just to make sure you understand what you are about to do.


Whats your experiences of WinXPDisableZeroConfigation? Read other peoples experiences here

By John Hutchison

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