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Top tips for hopeful models

Category »  Photography
Posted By Guido on 19 April 2008
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Top tips for hopeful models

1.     Be on time, if you can’t there on time let the Photographer know otherwise you will get a reputation for being late or not turning up. This could hurt your future assignments as no one will book an unreliable model! Not unless they get really desperate.

2.     Always take a chaperone or at the very least let someone know where you are and what time you should be finished. Best not to take your girl / boy friend, husband / wife, they sometimes get in the way and could try to intimidate the photographer to do things differently, they could also be shocked at what the photographer is asking you to do.

3.     Go prepared change of clothes that fit don’t assume the photographer will have everything for the shoot.

4.     Check out the photographer ask other models he or she has used, ask for references or jobs the photographer has had.

5.     Get a phone number and better still get an address. If the photographer will not give either then it’s up to you to decide to continue or not.

6.     Make sure you understand what is required i.e. what type of shoot you are doing, never feel because you are doing time for prints shoot or even a paid shoot that you have to do what the photographer says. Example if you thought you were doing a fashion shoot and then the photographer decides he now wants to do nude, topless etc..but you did not agree to this you are within your rights and for your own safety to decline.

7.     Make up take your own, although there may be a make-up artist it’s best to take your own just in case.

8.     Take some cash with you for taxis or buses. This in case the photographer can’t provide the transport, keep receipts as these may be needed later to claim back if it was an all expense shoot.

9.     Make sure you know if traveling expenses are being paid. This is why you might need the cash. Get it in writing at the time of you being booked.

10.  Remember never do anything you could be ashamed of later in life, it could affect your career prospects later on in your modeling career. Remember too your family is important don’t do anything that could cause embarrassment to them. You want to be proud of yourself could you show your parents the photos that have been taken.

11.  Remember also that modeling is a business and that you can negotiate about things like pay, traveling expenses, hotels etc… It’s OK to turn down jobs, never be rude to prospective clients as they won’t try to book you again, latter on in your career they could be the one who has you dream job up for grabs, they too have memories of how you last behaved if you where rude or treated them with disrespect you’ll most probably miss out on that dream job which could have made you a star.

This is not a definitive list of tips but it will I hope endeavor to help you in the first stages of your modeling career. You can view the article at the authors website here

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