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Search of your DUAmazon shop from your DUPortal

Category »  ASP
Posted By Guido on 24 March 2006
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Search of your DUAmazon shop from your DUPortal

OK. Lets start.
So you want to be able to do a search of your DUAmazon shop from your DUPortal.
Well firstly you must have DUPortal & DUAmazon downloadable from . Also you must have the search feature I wrote which you can download from .

Back  up these two files before you start   inc_search.asp &  inc_searchResult.asp  you can find them in the DUportal includes folder.

OK so you have all the files. Before you start make sure everything is working OK. I have DUAmazon in the same folder as DUportal but it does not matter.

I have left out the < & > so the code will show if in doubt just copy and then insert the values below.

Right there are two files which you need to add code to firstly locate inc_search.asp in the DUPortal includes folder open it notepad, yes notepad! Find the line option value="forums">Forums /option  hit return at the end of the bit of code and add  option value="amazon" amazon shop /option go file save, thats one file done one more to go.
Find inc_searchResult.asp in the same folder open again in notepad find the last end if statement hit return and paste in the following code

If Request.Form("cat") = "amazon" then
response.redirect "../DUamazon/PRODUCTSlist.asp?psearch=" & Request.Form("key")
end if

Remember that if your copy of DUamazon is in anyother folder you will have to change the path ../DUamazon/PRODUCTSlist.asp to reflect where your DUAmazon is.
That's it you should now have a search feature which can search your amazon shop from your DUPortal front page.


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