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Visual Basic » Adobe Reader v9
Posted By Guido on 17 November 2008
Have you found that when adobe reader 9 tries to install it uninstalls preivious versions. Good you might say as it used to install a fresh version, so if you have version 4 when 5 came out it would leave 4 and create a folder with version 5 and thus hogging your hard drive. Well done to Adobe.
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Windows Tips » Windows quick tips
Posted By Guido on 04 May 2008
Here are more quick tips to help you manage windows these tips include forgotten admins passwords, command prompt tip, how to speed up your PC for free, windows key short cuts, getting to the recycle bin.
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Photography » Top tips for hopeful models
Posted By Guido on 19 April 2008
This is not a definitive list of tips but it will I hope endeavor to help you in the first stages of your modeling career.
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Windows Tips » sort your start menu
Posted By Guido on 17 December 2007
When you add new programs to your computer have you noticed that the menu does not sort the programs into alphabetic order here is how to keep the your programs in alphabetic order.
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Search Engines » 10 Highly Effective Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website
Posted By Guido on 26 December 2006
There are many ways to promote your website for free online. Here are 10 highly effective strategies you can use right now.
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Photography » What Makes a Marketable Photo
Posted By Guido on 09 December 2006
In other words, which photos sell and which don’t? From our experience, there are certain indicators that point to “good sellers,” and to those that won't fare too well.
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Windows Tips » Virus Hell from upperhost and CsdDriver
Posted By Guido on 24 September 2006
Virus Hell from upperhost.dll & CsdDriver.sys Virus problems are bad enough read how John Hutchison managed to solve his problems with a trojan horse PSW.Generic 2.IGX which called on a hiden sysem dll upperhost.dll which inturn called CsdDriver.sys with very little information on the internet and nowhere to turn!
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Photography » Digital Camera Care
Posted By Guido on 09 September 2006
OK you have bought the camera here are some simple tips to help keep taking those pictures. Try to keep your camera in a camera bag when it’s not in use as the bag will help protect the camera from knocks, falls moisture and dust. Keep a silicon gel bag in the there to help reduce moisture, you may have got one or two with the camera if not they can be bought relatively cheaply from a camera shop or sometimes they may come with other high street purchases.
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Photography » Photographic Quick Tips
Posted By Guido on 09 September 2006
In this article John talks about some quick tips that when you're just starting or even an experienced photographer may help you get out of that tight spot to enable you to get that perfect shot!!!
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Photography » How to Take Better Portrait Photos
Posted By Guido on 31 August 2006
Portrait photos are very impressive. A good portrait can project so much emotions and feelings and captivate the viewer. Taking high quality portrait photos is an art that takes time to master. This article will give you a few guidelines that can help you achieve high quality portrait photos in a short time and without being a professional photographer.
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